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Impact and Airborne Test Requirements

The diagram right shows the scope of the Building Regulations. The requirements for conversion (or change of use) are less onerous compared to New Build because the overall construction is often less prescriptive and as a consequence flanking conditions can be more difficult to deal with.

Free Site Inspections

To further enhance the Isomass offer to the architect, developer or builder we will conduct a site survey to ensureall aspects of the party floor have been considered for the best acoustic performance and provide a written PI (professional Indemnity Insurance) backed specification to fulfil any of the following requirements.


Under the current Building Regulations for England & Wales, introduced in July 2003 (subsequently amended in 2004, 2010 and 2013), pre-completion acoustic testing is required to demonstrate compliance with the standards for all developments involving material change of use and for new build projects that are not using a Robust Detail. The tests need to be conducted by an accredited acoustic consultant which can be arranged by Isomass. Similar acoustic standards are also enforced under Part H in Scotland and Technical booklet G in Northern Ireland. As members of the IOA (Institute of Acoustics) Isomass are happy to supply names of suitable consultants to qoute for the testing in your area.


Dwelling-houses and flats - performance standards for separating walls, separating floors, and stairs that have a separating function

Airborne sound insulation
DnT,w+ Ctr
Impact sound insulation

Purpose built dwelling-houses and flats






Dwelling-houses and flats formed by material change of use

Floors and stairs






Isomass Ltd are committed to protecting the environment. Wherever possible, our resilient layers are made from recycled materials and/or can be recyclable post use.


Domestic Soundproofing and Soundproofing Solutions from Isomass in Cambridge.



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